Promote An Event

Premium lead generation
throughout the entire process



Premium lead generation
throughout the entire process


External Events Or Seminars

If you want to promote an event and have a high turnout of the right contacts, you will need to call every day in the lead up to the event in order to build a successful pipeline and identify contacts that are likely to benefit from the content of your conference, workshop or exhibition.

The conference and exhibition telemarketing experts at Fallen Off The Cliff can adapt their approach to your campaign whether you want to contact SME’s or directors at board level.

Our professional and sales orientated approach will ensure your objectives are executed to perfection.

With our experience and understanding of a diverse range of industry sectors you are guaranteed to achieve the best turnout your event has ever seen.

Boost The Chance of Conversion With Relevant Attendee Targeting

We take great care in our targeting practices. The reason this works well for you is that we can make sure there are relevant attendees coming to your event who are more likely to convert and be interested in your product.

We have multiple event marketing options for you. These can include

  • Initial contact
  • Follow-up calls
  • Reminder calls
  • Surveys
  • Pre exhibition sales campaigns

and more………..

Experienced & Adaptable

We have years of experience in the marketing field and we keep up to date with the current and future trends. This means that we have a premium quality service in place that adapts as you change what you need and as the market changes how it operates.

promote an event

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